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What Ever You Want You Can get It From Here .
What you Don’t Get Here You Won’t Get It Anywhere Else.

-Amma’s Oracle

Arul Thiru "AMMA"

Chairman Say To Students

Each student will definitely be talented in a particular field. Everyone will be endowed with a particular talent. In whichever field you want to excel you need to possess basic education. You cannot progress in life without the basic education. You should not be involved in politics during student days… But you should definitely be acquainted with politics and political affairs. You should not be a scope goat during yours student days, for the sake of some people who may benefit out of your ignorance.

Arul Thiru Thirumathi AMMA

The blessings of your parents is indispensable, particularly, for your progress in various fields,. You cannot progress in life, if you hurt their feelings. Illiterate parents educate their children without revealing to them their trials and tribulations, as they toil for enabling their children to study well and lead a comfortable life, unlike the wretched life they have been leading because of their lack of education. At times they may show their hatred towards you because of their frustration. You should not consider that a big issue. Are not parents a support to their children and children a support to their parents?.

    • The parents send you for higher studies to become doctors and engineers, with a lot of expectations. But it is atrocious to waste the money provided by them on unnecessary expenses.
    • Students should not resort to suicides if they have to face failures. They should develop a heart to face challenges of all kinds. They should not become slaves to drugs, drinks and cigarettes.
    • The students should focus their attention on sports, yoga or the field of their choice and perform their deeds with pure thoughts. They should nurture spiritual thoughts at an early age instead of thinking that they can enter the world of spiritually at the age of 50. They should possess, self-confidence & the drive that and the task is possible for them, in order to be successful in life.
    • The students of today possess sharp a intelligence. They should use it appropriately at the appropriate age and lead a long life of prosperity and joy.

During the student days whatever is taught will remain fresh in their minds. They should not waste their time. I meet everyday students ranging from LKG to Engineering College students. My joy knows no bound when I enter the L.K.G. class and hear the lisping words and see their actions. In that stage of their life they exhibit innocence and they can memories everything they study without even knowing what they actually study. They place unfathomable trust on their teachers as they believe that the teachers are ‘everything’ for them, as we plant the seeds in accordance with the seasons, the students should study during the young age keeping their found action strong.

Correspondent Says To Students

Every Adhiparasakthi passing out of the portals of AGS will be known for his/her love for humanity, self-discipline, selfless service, empowered with professional & life skills, ready to face challenges with a resilience and intuition, blessed by Arulthiru Amma.

Good intuition gives good thinking;
Good thinking gives good character;
Good character makes good persons;
Good person form a good society;
So let us contribute to the making of a good country with good society.

Mrs.Sridevi Ramesh

(Correspondent of AGS)

Honorable Correspondent